Marking of Senior Secondary Examinations

(Exams, Folios, Orals, Practicals and Performance)

Please note the system for online registration will open on Monday 18 July 2016

The Office of TASC employs individuals to undertake marking of senior secondary examinations/ material.

Marking is a rewarding professional development activity. The benefits include:
  • developing marking skills and discussing assessment and marking issues with other teachers
  • experiencing the full range of responses from across the course candidature and contrasting different approaches to the examination

The selection of markers each year by the office reflects the following factors:
  • the number of markers required to complete marking within the given time frame
  • the provision of opportunities to new markers
  • requirements for markers to work in teams
  • the extent to which applicants meet the selection criteria.

Applicants are selected in terms of the following criteria
  • demonstrated subject matter knowledge
  • capacity to adhere to marking procedures and policies as determined by the TASC
  • capacity to meet deadlines
  • capacity to work effectively in a team and follow instructions
  • commitment to meet confidentiality and security requirements

The applicant's performance in previous marking operations (if applicable) is taken into consideration in deciding if an applicant meets the selection criteria.
Relevant aspects of previous marking performance are:
  • quality and consistency of marking,
  • pace of marking,
  • receptiveness to receiving feedback, and
  • ability to apply any feedback.

You will be informed if your expression of interest is not accepted.

Given Name
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Name of School
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Confidentiality Agreement

I will ensure that:

  • All information gained from the marking process remains strictly confidential.
  • Under no circumstances will any results or the method used to arrive at results be discussed or divulged to anyone not directly involved in the process.
  • I do not make any form of comment about the results of a particular student or school, or about the processes, be they usual or abnormal, that have been employed in determining the results of a particular student.

(Unless agreement is confirmed TASC cannot accept your expression of interest).

 I understand and agree to the confidentiality statement above.
 I have permission from my employer (if required) to participate in TCE marking.
 I agree to complete a brief occupational health and safety self-assessment if marking at home.

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