Assessing Other Qualifications - Overseas Qualifications

TASC assessments of overseas qualifications compare the educational level of an overseas qualification to a qualification level on the Australian Qualifications Framework for general purposes only.

Applications are assessed using Australia Government Country Education Profiles to determine comparability between the qualification completed and an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification level. The Australian Government carries out extensive research into overseas education systems and qualifications in order to establish their comparability with Australian awards and develop assessment guidelines. The Australian Government consults with experts in academic, professional, technical and business fields. Country Education Profiles (CEP) do not include all countries or all providers and qualifications within a country. Generally, CEPs cover qualifications equivalent to AQF Certificate IV and above.

Assessment of senior secondary school qualifications for applicants who wish to complete a Tasmanian Certificate of Education

Applicants can apply to TASC for recognition of senior secondary studies completed overseas. Information on how to apply for senior secondary recognition is available on:

Assessment of school qualifcations for general purposes

If you have completed your school qualifications overseas and want to apply to have your secondary or senior secondary qualifications assessed for comparablility with the Australian Qualifications Framework you can submit an application for Overseas Qualifcations Assessment using the
Application for Overseas Qualifications Assessment form.

TASC can only assess qualifications for comparability where there is sufficient information available about the education system in the country where you completed your studies in the relevant Country Education Profile. Often Country Education Profiles includes some information about the education system but do not include secondary or senior secondary school qualifications in the assessment guidelines. In many cases we will be unable to provide an assessment, as there insufficient robust and official information available for TASC officers to determine how an overseas school qualification compares to Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) levels, particularly in cases where school qualifications were completed several years ago. Country Education Profiles generally only cover qualifcations equilvant AQF Certificate IV and above, which is a higher AQF level than secondary or senior secondary school.

Limitations to TASC overseas assessment services

TASC provide Overseas Qualification Assessment services for Tasmanian residents (both citizens and applicants with a visa with work rights) who have formal qualification(s) achieved overseas.

TASC cannot assess qualifications for study, migration or specific employment purposes. We assess higher education, post-secondary technical and vocational overseas qualifications for general purposes and senior secondary school qualifications as outlined above. For information on who can assess your qualification visit

Fees for assessments

There are no fees associated with Overseas Qualifications Assessments. This service is only provided for Tasmanian residents who are Australian citizens or in Australia on a visa with work rights.

Application for Overseas Qualifications Assessment

Applicants must complete an Application for Overseas Qualifications Assessment form:

Application for Overseas Qualification Assessment Application form. Please submit to apply to have overseas qualificaitons assessed for comparability with Australian Qualificaitons Framework levels.
(Updated Mar 17, 2017)

Please send a completed application form to:

    Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification
    GPO Box 333
    HOBART TAS 7001

    phone: 03 6165 6000

Once TASC receives your application for assessment we will confirm that we are the appropriate body to consider your application and an officer will contact you to schedule an interview or request you provide supporting evidence (if it was not included with your application).

Supporting evidence

Applicants will need the original (or a certified copy) and the English translation* of the following documents:
  • qualification/s (your degree, diploma or certificate).
  • transcript of academic record / statement of results listing the subjects, units or courses completed as a requirement of achieving the qualification and the marks/grades/ credit points achieved (including the back of the transcript)
  • your previous post-secondary qualification(s)
  • evidence of your Australian residence status, eg passport and visa
  • evidence of change of name, e.g. marriage certificate (where appropriate)
*The Department of Social Services (DSS) provides a Free Translating Service to eligible Australian citizens and migrants settling permanently in Australia to have their eligible personal documents translated into English. Some temporary/provisional visa holders may also be eligible for the service depending on their visa type. Please visit further information.

*If you are not eligible for a free TIS translation, other translations must be by a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) Level 3 translator. Go to the NAATI Online Directory at to find a translator.

*Sometimes we are able to accept translations prepared overseas. Please contact us to discuss the translation of your documents.

Your documents may be original or certified copies. Please see for a description of a certified copy. If you are unable to provide either orginal documents or certified copies please contact the TASC Overseas Qualificaitons Unit Executive Officer (contact details above) to discuss your options.

Assessment process

  • Applicant submits overseas qualification assessment application.
  • TASC reviews an application and contacts the applicant to organise an interview or to organise how the applicant can provide supporting evidence if it was not provided with the application.
  • An interview is conducted, if required.
  • Application is assessed against the appropriate Country Education Profile published by the Australia government.
  • The qualification is checked against the name of the qualification and the institute which issued it and the information about the education system in the country where the qualification was issued.
  • If there is a guideline which covers your qualification, an educational assessment advice statement is prepared.
  • TASC client service standards state: We will provide the following services within the specified time-frame. Assessment of an overseas qualification - 30 days. The time noted only takes into account the time taken by us to provide the service; it does not include any time taken by you to progress the application. All times refer to working days. All times given are the maximum times taken under normal circumstances.

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