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Subject: MTM215109 Mathematics Methods-Foundation QA Tests

From: phil.geeves@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: June 14, 2012

Quality Assurance tests for MTM215109 Mathematics Methods - Foundation

All students undertaking the course are required to participate in the Quality Assurance. Your students MUST be formally enrolled with the TQA in this subject. In late Term 1 TQA Co-ordinators were asked to ensure that enrolments in this subject were up-to-date.

Four short (45 minute) tests, for criteria 3, 5, 6 and 7, have been produced for your use in 2012. Instructions for the administration of the tests are on the inside cover of each test.

Copies of the four tests, pre-printed scannable mark sheets, and instructions for their use for each enrolled student have been sent to schools/colleges.

Each student must complete at least three of the tests between now and the end of October. You are to mark the tests using the marks allocated to each question as shown on the test papers. You are then to complete the mark sheet for that student for that test. The mark sheets are NOT interchangeable. We require all mark sheets to be returned to the TQA at PO Box 147, Sandy Bay, 7006 by Friday, November 2.

Where there is no mark sheet for a student, the marked test paper is to be returned to the TQA with the mark sheets.

Teachers are required to use the results from the tests as a major source of evidence when deciding final ratings for the relevant criteria. By comparing the mark from the test for a student against the state-wide cumulative frequency distribution for the test for 2012 teachers can gain an understanding of the student s performance when compared to the whole cohort.

In 2011, for each of the 4 criteria being considered, around 20% of students attained an A rating, 30% attained B ratings and 35% attained a C rating. Frequency distributions for the last three years of test results are available from the TQA web site at http://www.tqa.tas.gov.au/2644

TQA staff will process the test marks and publish the state-wide frequency distribution for each test on our web site on Monday, November 12. Teachers will use the test results, together with other pertinent evidence, to determine final criterion ratings for submission to the TQA at the end of the year.

An analysis of the results from 2011 is being prepared showing variations in test marks and final ratings school by school. The report also looks at the success of students in MTM315109 who received awards in MTM215109 in 2010. I will provide copies to schools when it becomes available..

If you require any further information please email Kerry Brown at kerry.brown@tqa.tas.gov.au

Phil Geeves Manager, Operations & Systems TQA
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