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Subject: Managing Projects TQA 2: comments invited on proposal

From: mike.jenkins@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: June 13, 2012

To: TQA Co-ordinators and teachers of Managing Projects

On 29 March we wrote to seek comment on a number of courses with accreditation expiring at the end of this year. We especially sought comment on the need for both a size value 5 and 10 course in Managing Projects at TQA level 2.

We received many comments about the value of continuing the Managing Projects TQA level 2 size 5.

There were no comments about Managing Projects TQA level 2 size 10.
Few students (about 34 a year) complete the size value 10 course.

Both current courses state that they lead to the same learning outcomes and are assessed against the same standards: they differ only in the amount of delivery time and hence the size value.

This does not align with current TQA policy requiring different and distinct (not 'more' or 'less') learning in courses in the same area at the same level of complexity. A review of examples of Student Project Proposals for the size value 10 course shows that the learning associated with the course could be completed and assessed within 50 hours.

There are also questions about the title of the course. Some people may interpret the title Managing Projects to mean project management. Your advice about a new title for the course would be helpful. Suggestions so far include: 'Project Implementation'; and 'Conducting a Project'.

We propose:
* to develop a replacement course for Managing Projects TQA 2, size value 15
* not to develop a replacement course for Managing Projects TQA level 2 size 10.

This proposal, if adopted, will mean:
* there will not be a Managing Projects TQA level 2 size 10 in 2013 and beyond
* there will be a revised Managing Projects TQA level 2 size 5 (possibly under a new name) for use in 2013 and beyond.

If you would like to comment on this proposal and/or suggest a suitable replacement title for the course please send me an email by 29 June 2012.
Dr Mike Jenkins Liaison and Development Officer TQA
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