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Subject: English Texts Lists 2013

From: mike.jenkins@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: May 28, 2012

To: TQA Co-ordinators, teachers of English Communications and English Studies TQA 3, and other interested parties

The TQA was asked to consider a change from its usual process of updating the texts lists to allow teachers more time in 2013 to focus on the implementation of the new 2014 courses.

Thank you to all those who responded to our invitation to comment on the three options for the 2013 text lists.

The TQA has decided to adopt Option B (use the 2012 lists, with the texts already flagged for deletion being removed) for the 2013 text lists. This will help reduce some preparation time so as to allow more focus on the new courses. Additionally a comment pointed out that any reduction in the scope of the texts lists would have a benefit for external assessment Markers in limiting the range of texts they need to know in depth.

Some told us to adopt Option C (use the 2012 lists, with only texts already flagged for deletion being replaced with new ones) on condition that the TQA guaranteed that these new texts would be on the 2014 lists. Earlier this month working parties looked at how ACARA developed standards might be used in some new TQA English courses as criteria and standards. There was also some preliminary discussion about how we might make use of ACARA developed contents in two English courses. The 2014 text lists will depend on the content of our new English courses, and we are only in the early stages of this work. It is planned that this will be completed before the end of this year. In developing the 2014 text lists we will attempt to have as much continuity as possible between the 2012/3 text lists (especially in regard to texts added in 2011 and 2012) and the 2014 lists for the new courses, but we cannot make guarantees regarding specific texts at this time.

Some of those writing to express support for Option B suggested that the whole 2012 lists should be used in 2013, including those texts already flagged for deletion. These later texts were identified in the text selection process held in 2011 (to develop the 2012 lists) as texts that should be removed. In several cases individual providers argued for their retention in 2012. This was granted, on the condition that they not appear in 2013. These texts were highlighted on the 2012 lists published in September 2011 as, "These texts will not to appear on 2013 list." No doubt many have actively planned for their deletion in 2013. One response in favour of Option B noted, "If it has previously been decided that these texts be removed, then it will create confusion if they are reinstated."

There is one possible issue regarding the decision to use Option B (use the 2012 lists, with the texts already flagged for deletion being removed) in English Communications. In Module One: Telling Truths, non-print texts (film) the removal of 'V for Vendetta' (which has been on the text list since 2007) will leave 'Atonement' as the only option. In all other cases the removal - and non-replacement- of a text flagged for deletion leaves a choice of texts available. We may need to look at replacing 'V for Vendetta' on the 2013 list. If you plan to teach a film in Module One in 2013 and do not feel that 'Atonement' is suitable, please contact me by 22 June 2012.

Dr Mike Jenkins Liaison and Development Officer TQA
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