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From: jim.fitzgerald@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: February 19, 2009


For the information of CEOs, Principals, TCE Coordinators and teachers of TCE courses.

TQA is planning for meetings on Tuesday 10 March 2009 for all TCE courses. All meetings will be held at Launceston College with the exception of Art meetings that will again be held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery at Inveresk.

1. TQA 3/TCE 5 courses
As advised in our circular of 20 November 2008, for each TQA 3/TCE 5 course we will arrange meetings on 10 March and 28 August:
- TQA will provide a chair for each meeting;
- for the Term 1 meeting, the agenda will be based around course evaluation, the national curriculum and a sharing of information about the between-class within-provider moderation of internal assessment;
- attendance will not be mandatory at either meeting.

2. TCE 2 - 4 Arts and SOSE courses
There are several TCE 2 - 4 Arts and SOSE courses that will still use TCE moderation processes in 2009. The agenda for these meetings will be similar to that used in previous years. All providers offering one of these courses will need to be represented at the meeting.

3. For other TCE courses
The agenda for these meetings will be based around course evaluation (for courses offered in 2008) and for new courses around discussions about the details of the course, its requirements and intent. The quality assurance arrangements will also be an agenda item. Attendance will not be compulsory.

A copy of the timetable for all these meetings will be available shortly from the "Quality Assurance and Moderation" page of the TQA website, http://www.tqa.tas.gov.au/0006

Information about travel to Launceston will be available later, but arrangements will be very similar to those for previous years.

Jim Fitzgerald Moderation & Assessment Officer TQA
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