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Subject: 2017 Special Examination Centres

From: enquiries@tasc.tas.gov.au

Date: March 2, 2017

Attention: TASC Liaison Officers and all Teachers

Where a candidate is unable to sit for one or more written examinations at one of TASC's regular Tasmanian examination centres (ie Open/Flexible Learning students), TASC will consider setting up a special examination centre at a suitable venue, subject to the following conditions being satisfied:

An application is made in writing to TASC by the candidate (or by someone on the candidates behalf) no later than 1 July 2017. Applications must be lodged using the attached Request for Special Examination Centre Form. This form is also available from the TASC website.

* The candidate provides TASC with details of any educational institution, in the area where the examination centre is required, with which the candidate may be associated;

* The candidate is able to take the examination either when the examination is being held in Tasmania or within 24 hours of that time;

* The candidate forwards payment of the relevant fee to TASC with the request:
Overseas centre: $200.00 per centre (including GST) plus supervision fees, if applicable.
Interstate centre: $100.00 per centre (including GST) plus supervision fees, if applicable.
Tasmania: supervision costs only, if applicable and if not at a regular centre.

* Supervision fees may be charged by the supervising institution. The candidate accepts responsibility for paying any supervision costs directly to the supervising institution;

* The candidate completes a statutory declaration stating that they have had no contact, direct or indirect, with anyone who has seen or is taking the same examination(s), in any interval which may have occurred between the examinations being held.

Where these conditions are satisfied, TASC will attempt to arrange for a suitable educational institution, in the location requested, to conduct the examination(s) on behalf of TASC.

Please refer to the following webpage for further information:


Linked document: Request for Special Examination Centre - TCE

Angela Davies
Administration Officer - Assessment
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