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Subject: 2017 Chief Marking Examiners - Expressions of Interest

From: angela.davies@tasc.tas.gov.au

Date: February 8, 2017

Attention: TASC Liaison Officer and all Level 3/4 Teachers of:

ANH315117 Ancient History
ART315117 Art Production
ENG315117 English
ENW315114 English Writing
HDS315113 Housing and Design
HSM315117 Modern History
ITC315113 Computer Science
LST315117 Legal Studies
MTG315115 General Mathematics
MTM415117 Mathematics Methods
MTM315117 Mathematics Methods Foundation

TASC is seeking expressions of interest for the role of CHIEF MARKING EXAMINER from suitably qualified persons, teachers and/or academics for 2017 in the above listed subjects.

The selection of the role by TASC reflects the following factors:

- the provision of opportunities to new examiners
- requirements for examiners to work in teams
- the extent to which applicants meet the selection criteria (as outlined below).

Note this position is appointed on an annual basis.

Interested parties should advise Angela Davies (via email: angela.davies@tasc.tas.gov.au) at TASC by 22 February 2017, providing the following details:

Home Address
Telephone Numbers (home and work)
Email Address
Qualifications and Experience (that address the selection criteria as outlined below)

Applicants are selected in terms of the following criteria:

- superior knowledge of the relevant course
- understanding of criterion based assessment
- minimum 5 years teaching experience in the subject area
- high level written and oral communication skills
- capacity to provide team leadership to achieve outcomes by specified deadlines
- capacity to adhere to marking procedures and policies as determined by TASC
- commitment to meet confidentiality and security requirements
- receptiveness to receiving feedback, and ability to apply any feedback
- high level professional standing within the teaching community

The applicant's performance in previous external assessment operations (if applicable) is taken into consideration in deciding if an applicant meets the selection criteria.


The duties of the Chief Marking Examiner are to:

* organise, through TASC, a list of Marking Examiners;
* Manage, and monitor a team of markers to complete complex assessment tasks complying with TASC external assessment policies and procedures, within specified timeframes
* Create or assist to create tools/schemes/guidelines that aid markers in consistently applying the standards to student work
* Plan and implement appropriate information/training for the marking team to
- clarify the nature of the evidence to be evaluated for external assessment
- explain the use of tools/schemes/guidelines
- explain TASC external assessment policies and procedures
* Allocate tasks and provide guidance, constructive feedback and support to the marking team
* Apply TASC guidelines to determine the minimum values for externally assessed criteria for a course
* Facilitate assessment panel considerations to review, on a case by case basis, all those awards that are identified by TASC as:
- displaying a lack of consistency (are discrepant)
- being one external rating away from the next higher award (borderline) or
- have a pattern of results that is significantly inconsistent (anomalous)
* Provide advice to TASC on specific queries arising from the marking process
* Prepare reports for TASC on the performance of individual markers, when requested, and the overall marking process
* Report on the external assessment process according to TASC specifications
* Check the final photo-ready copy of the examination paper before printing (this duty is waived for Chief Marking Examiners who are teaching the course).

Note: The title of Chief Marking Examiner is only relevant to the role in the external marking process. It is not appropriate for the successful applicant to use their CME hat to endorse a particular position not included as part of the agreed role of CME by TASC (i.e. course development).

Linked document: Chief Marking Examiner SOD

Angela Davies
Administration Officer - Assessment
ABOUT TASC: Independent. Improving Standards. Open and Transparent.
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