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Subject: TCE Moderation Requirements in 2006

From: jim.fitzgerald@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: May 11, 2006

File 02188/JF

1) Purpose:
Inform schools/colleges and teachers about moderation requirements in 2006.

2) Action requested:
Ensure that teachers of:
English 2 - 4.........................English Communications 5.............English Applied 2 - 4
English Studies 5..................Maths at Work 2 - 3.......................Mathematics Specialised 5
Mathematics Applied 3 - 4.....Australia in Asia and the Pacific 5....Tourism Studies 2 - 4
Issues in Society 2 - 4..........Modern World History 5
are aware of information about the moderation expectations in these subjects for 2006.

3) Background:
3.1 In early 2006, we said that our expected developments towards effective moderation included state-wide extension to 11 subjects of the evidence-based process trialled in 2005.
3.2 Feedback from moderators, teachers and principals included:
- support in principle for the developments with concerns about the timing and pace of the developments;
- a view that any developments in moderation should only occur after substantial consultation with all teachers;
- concerns about work-load and difficulties of collecting and retaining evidence of student work.

4) Information for Moderation in 2006
4.1 Given the range of views, the TQA Chair and CEO have decided that it is not feasible to proceed as intended and that the Authority should be asked to set directions and guidelines for further developments.
4.2 The second moderation meeting of the year will be on September 1 in Launceston for ALL subjects including the 11 subjects noted above.
4.3 The Office will work with the Moderators for these 11 subjects to identify the agenda for these meetings and any supporting actions required by early Term 2.

Dr Reg Allen Chief Executive Officer TQA
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