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Subject: TQA Principals' Reference Group Meeting

From: reg.allen@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: November 3, 2004

Memorandum to: All government and non-government senior secondary Principals

TQA Principals, Reference Group meeting:

The TQA Principals, Reference Group will meet from 10.30am - 1.00pm on
Wednesday November 10 2004 at Newstead College, 30 Cypress St Newstead.

The functions of the TQA Principals, Reference Group are to:

§ advise on the implementation of senior secondary course accreditation, moderation, assessment, test and examinations, data collection, certification and qualifications, particularly matters directly affecting colleges, schools, teachers and students

§ advise on generic matters relating to the impact of VET developments, principles and processes on senior secondary education

§ advise on policy development issues related to TQA responsibilities, processes and products in the senior secondary sector

§ share information with colleagues and the senior secondary education and training community about any national and/or state changes with impact
on the senior secondary responsibilities of the TQA

§ raise matters of concern/interest with TQA personnel

§ identify risks relevant to TQA senior secondary activities.

We expect the Reference Group to meet four times a year at different locations - Burnie, Launceston and Hobart.

For continuity of representation of the different sectors/geographic areas/interests, we have nominations from:

§ College principals
§ Catholic school principals
§ Independent school principals
§ Christian parent controlled school principals
§ District high school principals.

All senior secondary principals are welcome to attend meetings of the Reference Group.

Agenda items for this meeting

1. Welcome and apologies
2. Identification of additional items for discussion
3. Functions of the group
4. Information about recent developments in current TQA projects
a) the year 12 graduation/completion certificate
b) the course accreditation model
c) recognition of non-TCE learning
d) a more inclusive and generalised approach to the tables and schedules that support tertiary entrance
5. Wording on the front of the TCE certificate document
6. Other business
7. Date and location of next meeting.

Linked document: Principal memo.doc

Reg Allen Chief Executive Officer TQA
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