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Subject: English - Writing - External Assessment

From: michelle.harvey@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: October 1, 2004

File: 01412/MH

Attention: TCE Co-ordinator and All Teachers of English - Writing - Senior Secondary 5C


The Chief Marking Examiner, Sharyn Lawrence has asked the office of the Authority to bring the following information to the attention of all teachers:

As Chief Examiner of English Writing I would like to clarify the folio requirements in response to queries raised at the Moderation meeting.

Clarification of the Folio Requirements

1. If a poem is submitted as one of the folio pieces it must be a minimum length of 30 lines or 100 words.

2. 30 lines of poetry = 1000 words

3. A pair, suite or collage of pieces may be submitted in the folio as ONE piece provided that the pieces are linked by either form (eg poem) or theme, content or character ( eg a poem or narrative about betrayal). The nature of the connection must be discussed in the reflective statement.

4. The whole folio, including the reflective statement, must be no more than 7000 words.

5. The Writing Project must be included in the folio and be of 3000 words.

6. The by-line for a journalism piece is the candidate number.

7. The term 'range' in Criterion 7, for purposes of external assessment, will be interpreted as a range of techniques or styles that could be demonstrated within the same form or genre.

8. If the Writing Project consists of poetry it must be a minimum of 90 lines of poetry in total.

I would like to invite all current teachers of English Writing to participate in the marking process. The compulsory markers meeting will be held at Ross on Monday, 15 November 2004. If you wish to participate in the folio marking for this year please advise Michelle Harvey at the TQA by no later than 8 October, 2004.

If you have any queries in relation to the above, please contact the Assessment Services Section of the TQA.

Michelle Harvey Senior Assessment Officer Tasmanian Qualifications Authority
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