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Subject: Japanese - External Assessment - Writing in Japanese

From: michelle.harvey@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: September 29, 2004

File: 01668/MH

Attention: TCE Co-ordinator and All Teachers of Japanese - Senior Secondary 5C (JPN5C)


The Chief Marking Examiner has asked that all teachers of Japanese be reminded of the following changes to the Writing in Japanese section of the examination paper for 2004. Please note that these changes were previously circulated on 7 May 2004.

Writing in Japanese:

There will be five questions. Students must choose one of the five questions.

The total word length for the response will be approximately 450-500 characters in Japanese.

There are now only five text type responses that will be examined on the examination paper. The syllabus documents have been altered to reflect this change.

The five examinable text types are:

. Letter
. Journal Entry
. Profile
. Narrative
. Conversation/Interview

Please ensure that students are prepared for all possible text types and note that there will NOT necessarily be a picture for the narrative text type question.

There will be an additional assessment on the Japanese examination paper, which will ask students to transcribe approximately 10-15 words from English into Japanese script. This enables the examiners to see the depth of the student's grasp of the written form of this language.

Michelle Harvey Senior Assessment Officer Tasmanian Qualifications Authority
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