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Subject: SOSE subject codes in 2005

From: phil.geeves@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: August 23, 2004

Attn: TCE Co-ordinators

SOSE subject codes in 2005

The TQA will be using the following codes for the new SOSE subjects in 2005. Schools and colleges are encouraged to use these codes when advising the TQA electronically of student enrolments and results.

Code Name

ANC5C Ancient Civilisations 5C
AAP5C Australia in Asia and the Pacific 5C
AST5C Australian Studies 5C
GGY5C Geography 5C
ISS2A Issues in Society 2A
ISS2B Issues in Society 2B
ISS2C Issues in Society 2C
ISS3A Issues in Society 3A
ISS3B Issues in Society 3B
ISS3C Issues in Society 3C
ISS4A Issues in Society 4A
ISS4B Issues in Society 4B
ISS4C Issues in Society 4C
LST5C Legal Studies 5C
HSM5C Modern World History 5C
RLP2A Religion and Philosophy 2A
RLP2B Religion and Philosophy 2B
RLP2C Religion and Philosophy 2C
RLP3A Religion and Philosophy 3A
RLP3B Religion and Philosophy 3B
RLP3C Religion and Philosophy 3C
RLP4A Religion and Philosophy 4A
RLP4B Religion and Philosophy 4B
RLP4C Religion and Philosophy 4C
RLP5C Religion and Philosophy 5C
TIV2A Tasmanian Investigations 2A
TIV2B Tasmanian Investigations 2B
TIV2C Tasmanian Investigations 2C
TIV3A Tasmanian Investigations 3A
TIV3B Tasmanian Investigations 3B
TIV3C Tasmanian Investigations 3C
TIV4A Tasmanian Investigations 4A
TIV4B Tasmanian Investigations 4B
TIV4C Tasmanian Investigations 4C
TST2A Tourism Studies 2A
TST2B Tourism Studies 2B
TST2C Tourism Studies 2C
TST3A Tourism Studies 3A
TST3B Tourism Studies 3B
TST3C Tourism Studies 3C
TST4A Tourism Studies 4A
TST4B Tourism Studies 4B
TST4C Tourism Studies 4C

Phil Geeves Manager - Assessment Services TQA
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