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Subject: North West Coaches to Launceston Friday 27 August

From: jim.fitzgerald@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: August 17, 2004

File 02064/JF

Attention: TCE Coordinator and all 11/12 Teachers

Moderation Travel from the North West - Friday 27 August 2004

We have arranged for coaches to take teachers to Launceston College for 11/12 moderation meetings to be held on Friday 27 August 2004.

Details are provided below.

Coach A - Departs Hellyer College at 7.45am to arrive at Launceston College at approximately 10.15am.

Coach B - Departs The Don College at 8.15am to arrive at Launceston College at approximately 10.15am.

Coach C - Departs Hellyer College at 10.00am, then to The Don College, departing at 10.35am to arrive at Launceston College at approximately 12.35pm.

As usual, Coach A will pick up teachers from Hellyer College then detour through Ulverstone to pick up any teachers waiting at the Ulverstone Clock Tower before proceeding to Launceston College.

Coach B picks up teachers at The Don College; as requested the coach will drive into the entrance to the College to pick up teachers there, rather than from Watkinson Street.

Coach C picks up teachers from Hellyer College, then detours through Ulverstone to pick up any teachers waiting at the Ulverstone Clock Tower before going on to The Don College, again driving into the College to pick up teachers there.

One coach will leave Launceston College at 12.55 pm for the return trip after morning meetings and the other two coaches will leave at 3.45 pm after the afternoon meetings, with one returning to The Don College and the other to Hellyer College.

1. All coaches will arrive at and depart from the Brisbane Street side of the Launceston College campus.

2. I have been notified by Don Sherriff that he has sold his business and that Fentons Coaches will provide the service for these meetings. At this stage I am not sure whether all coaches will be labelled as Fentons Coaches or Sherriff's Motor Service.

Jim Fitzgerald Moderation & Assessment Officer Tasmanian Qualifications Authorit
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