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Subject: Computer Graphics & Design - Moderation Process - Update

From: michelle.harvey@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: August 16, 2004

File: 02049/MH

Attention: TCE Co-ordinator and All Teachers of Computer Graphics and Design - Senior Secondary 5C (TE876)


The Moderator, Gary Adderton, has asked that teachers note the following additional information about the collection of exemplars (as outlined in the Term 1 Moderation Report).

Note: These notes are in addition to the moderation report that was posted on TQA's website several months ago.

* The evidence of the candidates research and development will held by TQA.

* These documents are to be a photocopy of the original.

* Names of candidates are allowed to be placed on the research and development material handed in at the August moderation meeting.

* This material will only be accessed by the assessment panel for consideration if the candidates work is considered to be plagiarized (this would happen some time after external assessment has been completed).

* This process would only occur if the practical external examiners considered that there was insufficient evidence of originality submitted with the candidates major project work.

* Original sketches, research and other important stages in the development of the project are to be submitted with the major project at the end of the year.

* At the external assessment (November 2004), only the candidates TQA number should appear on or within the research and development folder.

Michelle Harvey Senior Assessment Officer Tasmanian Qualifications Authority
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