Change in eligibility requirements for an ATAR from year 12 in 2016

ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranks) are used in admissions to universities in Australia. Information about ATAR including scaling and related issues is available at and

The Academic Senate of the University of Tasmania has decided that from 2016 onwards, to be eligible for the calculation of an ATAR, students will have to have met the standards for the award of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE).

The TCE is backed by TASC processes designed to give confidence that a young person with the TCE has provided sound evidence of meeting the required standards, including everyday adult reading, writing, mathematics, use of computers and the internet. See

The proportion of students receiving an ATAR who also meet the standards for the award of the TCE has been steadily increasing since 2009, reaching 94 per cent in 2013. The change in the rules for eligibility for an ATAR will therefore in practice directly affect about 100 students. The data for 2013 is available at TCE and ATAR 2013

Schools/colleges should make sure that
  • students transferring from interstate to complete year 12 in Tasmania are given credit for any completed studies (see Application for Senior Secondary Recognition)

  • students expecting to complete year 12 in 2016 who do not study courses demonstrating meeting the standards for everyday adult skills in reading, writing, mathematics, use of computers and the internet are aware that they can take a 'safety-net' test.

The change will not prevent the University from considering applications from Tasmanian students who do not meet the new requirements and do not have an ATAR.

The University's decision is a clear statement about the importance it believes the Tasmanian community should place on each and every young person, whether or not they go on to further study at TAFE or University, meeting at least basic standards in reading, writing, mathematics, use of computers and the internet. These are skills critical to most jobs today and more in the future.

If you have a query about what subjects can be counted towards your ATAR please send your query to the following email address:
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