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Can I get another copy of my results? Click here

How long is each of my written exams? Click here

Is it possible to get my results earlier? Click here

Can I get a breakdown of my criterion ratings or external marks? Click here

How do I qualify for an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank)? Click here

Can I inspect my written exam papers? Click here

What do I do if after inspecting my scripts and having followed the process outlined, I still have a complaint about the results I have received? Click here

Can I obtain copies of my written material used for external assessment? Click here

Lodging a query relating to senior secondary assessment and/or certification

If you have a question about any of the following (examples only - but not limited to) we recommend you address your query informally by lodging it below.
  • You have received your results and you think there is a problem
  • You think there are subjects/units missing from your records
  • You want to change your mailing address
  • You want to change your email address
  • You will/have missed an exam due to illness and want to know how the results are calculated
  • I haven't got an ATAR statement
  • How many credit points do I have and what is my status against the TCE requirements. Is there a time limit to receiving a TCE and/or do credit points expire
  • Why doesn't my subject meet the TCE standards for Literacy, numeracy and/or ICT
  • What are the TCE Standards tests and how can you do one
  • You've got VET qualifications and want them added to your TCE Records


  • Enter your TCE ID Code and click "Submit".

  • A form will appear requesting details of your query. You must complete all of the fields that appear on screen. Please be specific in your query (for example, if you believe a subject is missing from your results, please state the name of the subject you studied, where you studied the course, and if possible, the subject code).


  • Once you have completed all fields, click "Enter".

  • You will then receive a confirmation email advising that your submission has been successfully received. The confirmation email will include a reference number. Please check the information contained in this confirmation email carefully. If you do not receive a confirmation email or the information contained in the email is incorrect, please contact a TASC officer on (03) 6165 6000.

TCE ID Code:

How does the process work?

  1. Once TASC has received a request, an email acknowledging receipt of the request is sent to the nominated email address.

  2. The request is then assessed by a TASC officer.

  3. If all the necessary information has not been provided, we will seek additional information from you.

  4. Notification of the outcome of the query is sent to the nominated email address.

You also have an opportunity to inspect your externally assessed written examination scripts

TASC offers students who have undertaken a written external assessment the opportunity to inspect the material which was used for their external assessment. The student may be accompanied by one other person if they so wish. There is a charge of $15.00 per subject (for half an hour inspection period), which is payable with their application.

More information about this process is available here.

Reviewing decisions

If a student wishes to request a review of a decision, they should click here.

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