Assigning TCE Size-Value & Level to Nationally Recognised Training (NRT)

TASC has recently implemented automated means to establish TCE level and size-value for NRT. The below process may be used to fill identified gaps.

Follow this process to determine TCE level and size-value for NRT which:
  1. does not yet appear in the TCE Course Planner online tool; or
  2. appears in the TCE Course Planner tool but with incomplete or incorrect values.

NRT includes national training package qualifications and units, as well as accredited vocational courses.

You must provide:
  1. Your name & title;
  2. the institution/school where you work;
  3. NRT qualification code and title; or unit code and title (this must be exactly as appears on;
  4. size-value of the qualification/unit:
    size-value = minimum nominal hours*/ 10
    e.g. if nominal hours = 10 hours; size-value = 10/10 = 1 TCE point
  5. AQF Level** of qualification/unit (e.g. Certificate II, Diploma, etc)

* Nominal hours are found at:

You must indicate what source was used to determine size-value.

** TASC will convert AQF Level to an equivalent TCE level of complexity. The AQF level of a qualification equates to the TCE level of complexity.

If a unit of competence may be completed within more than one qualification (Certificate I, Certificate II, or Certificate III), the level that it was first packaged at will determine the complexity level of the unit.

Each unit contains a qualification identifier e.g. in TAADES401A the 4 is the AQF qualification in which the unit was first packaged, i.e. Certificate IV in this instance.

NRT does not automatically provide a proxy indicator of meeting the TCE everyday adult standards.

TASC may recognise some ICT NRT to achieve the TCE everyday adult use of computers and the internet (ICT Standard); eligibility will be considered case-by-case.

Definition of nominal hours: a value assigned to a structured program of study that nominally represents the anticipated hours of supervised learning and/or training deemed necessary to conduct training/learning and assessment activities associated with the program of study.

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