Amendments to Accredited Courses

Requests for amendments to TASC-accredited courses should be sent to Curriculum Services, Department of Education

The timing of the implementation of changes will depend on the impact on students and on providers of the course. The accredited course is the specification of what is delivered by providers and fairness to all students requires that significant changes are not made to their courses retrospectively.

Significant changes would usually take effect from the next delivery year. The only exception to this might be where the course document has errors of fact or states requirements that are in fact impossible to meet.

Minor changes can usually be implemented at the time of approval and publication of the amendment. The only times when this may not be advisable is if the change is made late in the year and can make no difference to the delivery of the course for that year, or when there are delivery or resource implications that could impact unfairly on currently enrolled students.

Editorial changes take effect upon publication of the revised version of the course document.

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