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Due Dates for Externally Assessed Folios and/or Projects

The linked document below contains information for candidates regarding the due dates for 2017 folios.

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Providers are required to submit folios to the Office within 2 to 3 working days of the published due to teacher date.

Individual course Folio Guidelines can be found on the relevant subject's page on this website.
These can be accessed via the webpage: Courses A - Z

How to submit your folio

The linked document below contains information for candidates on the submission of folios for external assessment.

How to submit a folio for external assessment Guide for the submission of a folio for external assessment
(Updated May 25, 2017)

Extensions for Externally Assessed Folios and/or Projects

TASC may grant extensions to candidates who, due to extenuating circumstances, are unable to submit their folio/project for external assessment by the due date set by TASC. Extensions can only be approved by TASC.

Students must apply to TASC via their school for an extension no later than 48 hours before the due date. Applications must be on the Folio Extension request form and be endorsed by the TASC Liaison Officer. Supporting documentation is required (eg. medical certificates).

Part 4 (c)(iii) of the external assessment rule clearly states that TASC will only accept candidate folios of work for assessment if the folio is officially received at the designated collection centre (usually a school or college) on or before the published due date (and by no later than 5pm) unless TASC has given the candidate written approval before this date for a particular later submission date.

Approval is made on a case by case basis and approval can not be pre-empted.

The nature of the issue must clearly have a significant impact on the students capacity to meet the due date.

Examples of (but not limited to) the possible valid reasons considered for granting a folio extension:

  • Candidate illness - (extenuating circumstances not everyday illnesses) must be accompanied by a medical certificate
  • Death of a close relative (parent, brother/sister or grandparent) - must be accompanied by a copy of the death certificate or notice from the local newspaper where the candidate is named
  • Unexpected travel due to the death of a close relative (as outlined above) - travel itineraries and a declaration from a parent/guardian is required

    Examples of (but not limited to) the reasons why a folio extension would NOT be granted:

  • candidate holidays - interstate and/or overseas
  • planned school events such as drama and/or music performances
  • computer malfunctions

    Folio Extension Request Form Form for Requesting a Folio Extension
    (Updated Aug 13, 2015)

    How does the process work?

    The application is assessed by a TASC officer. If all the necessary information is NOT provided, the officer will contact the candidate to request this information which will delay the process of considering the application and of advising the outcome. If the candidate is unable to provide the information to TASC by the folio due date, an extension CANNOT be granted.

    When a final decision has been made, written notification will be sent to the candidate with a copy to the TASC Liaison Officer at their school or college.

    Time given in guidelines for completion of task is nominal. Extensions (if approved) are not calculated using these as definite (there is some expectation of working in own time including weekends/holidays). Therefore length of illness does not necessarily equal the extension time approved.

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