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Recognised Formal Learning

The Tasmanian Qualifications Authority recognises various formal learning qualifications awarded by the institutions listed below.

Recognised formal learning qualifications may be listed on the TQA-issued Qualifications Certificate and contribute to the participation and achievement standard of the TCE. Some qualifications may also be considered as having meet one or more of the 'everyday adult' skill sets required by the TCE.

The document below provides a summary of the relationship between recognised formal learning qualifications and the TCE.

Also see: TCE Planner tools.

Australian Air Force Cadets qualifications

AAFC (0.09 Mb PDF)Australian Air Force Cadets Qualifications (Expires Dec 31, 2015)

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge qualification (issued by Tasmanian Aero Club Inc)

BAKQualification (0.07 Mb PDF)Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (2012-2016) (Expires Dec 31, 2016)

Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing (Australia) Ltd qualifications (expires 31 Dec 2014)

FATDRECOG (0.08 Mb PDF)Federal Association of Teachers of Dance Qualifications (Updated Dec 9, 2010)

Royal Academy of Dance qualifications

RAD_2015 (0.09 Mb PDF)Royal Academy of Dance Qualifications (Expires Dec 31, 2019)
(2015 - 2019)

RADRECOG (0.09 Mb PDF)Royal Academy of Dance Qualifications (Updated Dec 9, 2010)
(2010 - 2014)

Australian Business Week (ABW) - Enterprise Education Certificate qualification

ABW_2015 (0.08 Mb PDF)Australian Business Week Enterprise Education Certificate Qualification (Expires Dec 31, 2019)

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water Diver qualification

PADIRECOG 2014-2018 (0.07 Mb PDF)PADI Open Water Diver Qualification (Expires Dec 31, 2018)

Australian Music Examination Board

Recognised Qualifications (Music) (0.10 Mb PDF)Australian Music Examination Board: Music (Expires Dec 31, 2015)
Recognised Qualifications (Speech and Drama) (0.09 Mb PDF)Australian Music Examination Board Speech and Drama (Expires Dec 31, 2015)

CISCO Systems Australia

CISCO2014 (0.10 Mb PDF)CISCO courses (Expires Dec 31, 2017)

Girl Guides Association (Tasmania)

Recognised Qualifications (0.07 Mb PDF)Girl Guides Association (Tasmania) (Expires Dec 31, 2016)

International Baccalaureate

InternationalBaccalaureateRecogn2014_18 (0.08 Mb PDF)International Baccalaureate (2014-2018) (Expires Dec 31, 2018)

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Australia (Tasmania Division)

Recognised Qualifications (0.09 Mb PDF)The Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Australia (Tasmania Division) (Expires Dec 31, 2015)

Scouts Australia (Tasmanian Branch)

Recognised Qualifications (0.08 Mb PDF)Scouts Australia (Tasmanian Branch) (Expires Dec 31, 2015)

St Cecilia School of Music

Recognised Qualifications (0.09 Mb PDF)St Cecilia School of Music (Expires Dec 31, 2015)

Trinity College London

Recognised Qualifications (Speech and Drama) (0.09 Mb PDF)Trinity College London (Expires Dec 31, 2015)
Trinity Recognised Music Qualifications 2009 (0.08 Mb PDF)Trinity College (Expires Dec 31, 2015)

University of Tasmania

High Achievement Program

UTAS_University_Preparation_Program (0.09 Mb PDF)UTAS University Preparation Program Qualifications (Updated Jun 24, 2013)

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