How do I qualify for an ATAR Statement in 2016

To qualify for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank Statement (after the completion of Year 12 or 13 in 2016) you must:
  • have completed two years' of post-year 10 studies (year 11 and year 12)
  • have completed satisfactorily at least 4 TASC level 3 or level 4 (pre-tertiary) courses
  • have completed at least three TASC level 3 or level 4 (pre-tertiary) courses in your final year of study (either year 12 or year 13).
  • have met the standards to be awarded a TCE.

You can complete more than 5 TASC level 3 or level 4 (pre-tertiary) courses (over a two year period). Up to five scores can count towards an ATAR.

Note: The rules for eligibility for an ATAR change for students completing year 12 in 2016. See for information about this change.

Your ATAR will be calculated on your best five scores in level 3 or 4 courses. You may do more courses but your ATAR will be based on a maximum of 5 scores.

An ATAR is calculated as follows:
  • scores in at least three level 3 or 4 courses MUST come from the final year of study (either Year 12 or Year 13). The three highest scores from this final year of study are added together with the next best one or two scores from the same year or one other year (e.g. three from year 12 and two from year 11 or four from year 12 and one from year 11).

The two years of study from which your ATAR can be calculated do not have to be consecutive.

TASC calculates a score for each university entrance (pre-tertiary) course. These course scores are then used to calculate your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

The same course CANNOT be counted twice. If you repeat a course, the higher score is used, unless course appeared in top scores in previously.

TASC will advise eligible students of their scores and ATAR. Since 2005, results in approved university studies have also been included in ATAR calculations.

If you DO NOT qualify for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank Statement and wish to attend university, please refer to the University of Tasmania web site for General Entry Requirements.

If you have a query about what subjects can be counted towards your ATAR please send your query to the following email address:
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