2015 Written Examination Timetable

The 2015 TCE Written Examination Timetable is displayed below. It is also available in PDF format for download. The timetable is also printed in the Student Guide to External Assessment that will be distributed to students in early October.

The PDF version of the 2015 Written Examination Timetable is available below.

Week 1Morning Exams
(commence at 9.00am)
Afternoon Exams
(commence at 1.30pm)
Monday 16 NovemberBiology (BIO315114)Business Studies (BST315111)
German (GRM315114)
Philosophy (PHL315113)
Tuesday 17 NovemberEnglish Literature (ENL315114)
English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL315115)
English Communications (ENC315115)
Vietnamese (VT876)
Wednesday 18 NovemberAustralia in Asia and the Pacific (AAP315115)
Drama (SDD315115)
Physics (PHY415115)
Technical Graphics (TEG315115)
Housing and Design (HDS315113)
Psychology (BHP315111)
Thursday 19 NovemberAccounting (ACC315111)
Sport Science (SPT315113)
Chinese (CHN315114)
Outdoor Leadership (OXP315113)
Studies of Religion (REL315111)
Friday 20 NovemberGeneral Mathematics (MTG315115)Ancient Civilisations (ANC315115)
Information Systems and Digital Technologies (ITS315113)
Mathematics Specialised (MTS415114)
Week 2Morning Exams
(commence at 9.00am)
Afternoon Exams
(commence at 1.30pm)
Monday 23 NovemberGeography (GGY315115)
Mathematics Methods (MTM315114)
Environmental Science and Society (ESS315114)
Legal Studies (LST315115)
Music (MSM315115)
Tuesday 24 NovemberComputer Graphics and Design (CGD315113)
Modern History (HSM315115)
Health Studies (HLT315113)
Japanese (JPN315114)
Wednesday 25 NovemberChemistry (CHM415115)
Media Production (MED315112)

Computer Science (ITC315113)
French (FRN315114)
Sociology (BHS315111)
Thursday 26 NovemberPhysical Sciences (PSC315114)Economics (ECN315111)
Electronics (ELT315114)
Food and Nutrition (FDN315113)
Italian (ITN315114)

If a student has a clash of written examinations (ie two scheduled for the same time), the TASC Liaison Officer at their school will be contacted (in the next few weeks) to be advised of the specific arrangements for that student.

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