Personal Information Protection Policy for the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority


Personal Information Protection Principle 5, contained in Schedule 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (No. 46 of 2004), requires that a personal information custodian* must set out in a document its policies on the management of personal information, and that the document is to be made available to any person who requests it. In general terms, the policy document needs to provide an outline of the sort of information that is held, the purposes for which it is held, and how the personal information custodian collects, holds, uses and discloses that information.

*A custodian is a public sector body; a council; the University of Tasmania; any body, organisation or person who has entered into a personal information contract relating to personal information; a prescribed body (s.3 Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (No. 46 of 2004))

Information collected

The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification under Section 10 of the Office of Tasmaninan Assessment, Standards and Certification Act 2003 (No. 62 of 2003):
  • provides consolidated statements of qualifications
  • provides leadership in strategic planning for qualifications management
  • provides advice to the Minister on matters relating to qualifications
  • accredits courses for senior secondary education, vocational education & training, and higher education
  • recognises and registers providers of non-university higher education and vocational education and training
  • determines the manner of and conducts and moderates assessment for obtaining qualification in senior secondary courses and issues the Tasmanian Certificate of Education
  • collects, records, stores, analyses and distributes data on achievement in senior secondary, vocational education and training and higher education
  • liaises with and provide system level data to State and Commonwealth authorities as required and in accordance with AQTF and CRICOS requirements and national protocols for higher education.

For the purpose of discharging these functions, the TASC collects and holds information as required or authorised by the various pieces of legislation including:

Under the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (No. 46 of 2004), the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification is the custodian of so much of that information as is personal information. The collection, use and disclosure of information to be used by the TASC is governed by that Act.

The types of personal information collected are principally names and addresses, materials and assessments undertaken by or reported to the TASC that relate to the individual, together with any specific information about a person where the purpose of the data collected is directly related to completing one or more of the TASC's primary functions, listed previously.

Where practicable, we will endeavour to ensure that information about an individual is collected only from that individual, but sometimes it will come from others. Information may be collected in oral, written or electronic form, but will be held either in written form or electronically.

We will endeavour to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate, complete and up to date. Where practicable, we will check the accuracy of your personal information before we use it.

Sensitive information

Generally, we do not collect information of a sensitive nature. We will only do so (for example, for special consideration i.e. examinations) with your consent.


If you are making a general enquiry, you may wish not to identify yourself. However, you may have to identify yourself if you wish to use some of our services.

Unique Identifiers

We assign unique identifiers for us to carry out our functions efficiently. We do not adopt as our unique identifiers the unique identifiers from another organization. However, we may collect the unique identifiers assigned to you by another organization, but we will not disclose these without lawful authority.

Access to and correction of information collected

You can access your personal information that we hold, by contacting us. We will verify your identity before we give you access to your information.

If you consider the personal information to be incorrect, incomplete, out of date or misleading, you can request that the information be amended.

You should make a request to correct your personal information in writing to the:

    The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification
    GPO Box 333
    Hobart TAS 7001

We will process this request in accordance with the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 (No. 70 of 2009).

If you are unsatisfied with the handling or outcome of your request for access to or correction of your personal information you may wish to lodge a further request by directly contacting the:

    Right to Information Officer
    Department of Education
    GPO Box 169
    Hobart TAS 7001

    Phone: (03) 6165 5743

Depending upon the nature of the request a fee may be charged for this service.

If you remain unhappy with the handling or the outcome of your request you can lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman's Office can be contacted on 1800 001 170 (free call in Tasmania), and by email at

Use and disclosure of personal information

Anyone who works for us is bound by the confidentiality requirements specified in the State Service Act 2000 (No. 85 of 2000). People who work for us are required to restrict their access to information required to carry out their functions within the Authority. As part of our quality assurance processes, moderators and auditors will have access to student work.

We will use personal information only for the purpose described in the Information Collected section above. Otherwise, your personal information will only be disclosed with your consent, or if it is required or authorised by law.

For example, there may be a need or requirement to disclose some or all information we collect to contractors and agents of the Authority, law enforcement agencies, courts, other public sector bodies, or other authorised organisations under legislation administered by the Authority and other relevant State and Commonwealth Acts including but not limited to the Social Security Act 1991 and the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.

When we disclose personal information to anybody otherwise than as required by law, we will require their agreement to apply to that information protection principles similar to that set out in this document.

We will provide result-related information to further education institutions to support their selection decisions.

The Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (No. 46 of 2004) permits the disclosure of "basic personal information" (that is, name, address, date of birth and gender) to other public sector bodies for data quality purposes.

No information used in research, statistical analysis, state or national reporting, awareness programs, public statements or training will include personal details. Some de-identified personal information we have collected may be used for one or more of those purposes but not in a way to compromise the protection of personal information.

Personal information in written submissions on policy matters or matters of public consultation may be disclosed in reports that are made public, unless the submission was submitted and/or accepted on a confidential basis.

Security of personal information

We use procedural, physical, and technical safeguards, including access controls, secure methods of communication and back-up and recovery systems to protect information from misuse and loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

Information is destroyed or permanently de-identified in accordance with processes approved by the State Archivist under the Archives Act 1983 (No. 76 of 1983).

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