Subject Score Scaling

From 2000 Tasmania has used an analysis of the relative difficulties of achieving each award in each subject to establish a table of values which would give the lower and upper limits of the score range for each award for each subject.

The method used to identify the degree of relative difficulty is the Rasch Analysis method. the TASC has produced a document: Using Rasch Analysis to Scale TCE Subjects.

The introduction of subject score scaling was in response to evidence of differences in the degree of difficulty between subjects used in the calculation of the tertiary entrance score. Subject scores are based on subject awards.

The scale ranges for each subject since 2010 can be downloaded. Example data sets of de-identified student results for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 can be found at

Scaling of University of Tasmania HAP/ UCP units

University of Tasmania HAP and UCP units and the Tertiary Entrance Score

A collaboration between the University of Tasmania and TASC allows results from senior secondary students studying eligible High Achiever Program (HAP) units and University Connections Program (UCP) units, to be counted towards the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) in Tasmania.

TASC and the University of Tasmania will scale the results from eligible HAP/ UCP units so that student achievement is recognised using consistent, fair and equitable outcomes to calculate Tertiary Entrance scores.

TASC subject scaling

Subject scaling will be applied to eligible HAP and UCP units studied in 2016 and beyond.

Scaling aligns results from different units/ subjects/ studies/ courses into a common scale, applying rigorous statistical techniques when performing calculations.

TASC uses an established scaling process which is applied to all accredited senior secondary courses at TASC Level 3 or Level 4. From this scaling process, students receive a score for each subject that can contribute to a Tertiary Entrance Score. The Tertiary Entrance Score can then be used to calculate the ATAR.

HAP / UCP scaling methodology

Subject scaling for HAP and UCP units uses the same methodology and process as scaling for TASC Level 3 and Level 4 subjects.

TASC Level 3 and 4 subjects are scaled using information for these subjects for all TASC students.

HAP and UCP units are scaled using information for these units, concurrently with TASC subjects, for all TASC students and university students. This method allows for more reliable estimation of scaling each HAP and UCP unit than would be possible if based solely on information from TASC students only.

This process has been externally reviewed and validated.

TASC Scaling Committee

The Scaling Committee meets in late December prior to result release to scale TASC and HAP/ UCP units. The Scaling Committee includes representatives from the University of Tasmania, TASC and each school sector. The core principles of the Scaling Committee are to ensure equitable outcomes for students.

The outcomes of scaling will be available after 2016 results have been distributed to students.


For more information about the ATAR see the detailed ATAR page.

If you have a query about what subjects can be counted towards your ATAR please send your query to the following email address:

2016 HAP UCP Scaling Report High Achiever Pogram and University College Program Scaling Report 2016
(Updated Dec 19, 2016)
2016 scaling values Subject award scaling values for 2016
(Updated Dec 19, 2016)
2015 scaling values Subject scaling values for 2015
(Updated Dec 21, 2015)
2014 scaling values Subject award scaling for 2014
(Updated Dec 15, 2014)
(Expires Dec 31, 2020)
scaling values 2013 Subject award scaling values for 2013
(Updated Dec 16, 2013)
Subject scores 2012 Scaled subject score ranges for 2012
(Updated Dec 17, 2012)
Subject scores 2011 Summary of 2011 scaling parameters
(Updated Dec 19, 2011)
Scaling scores 2010 Summary of 2010 scaling parameters
(Updated Jan 6, 2011)

The report Scaling for ATAR calculations - Tasmania: 2005-2013 identifies the fundamental assumptions of scaling and the extent to which the data support these assumptions.

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